Traxxis Ltd was formed in 2019 as a subsidiary of Sly Agriculture, the UK headquartered agricultural machinery and component manufacturer. Sly is owned by a farming family, we have our roots firmly in the soil and have a passion to protect soil, which all our products reflect.

We at Traxxis are proud to announce the construction of our new track production facility in Malaysia, due to come online in July 2020. With a new and re-engineered product line up, we aim to offer the lowest operating cost of any manufacturer in the market today, without any sacrifice on quality. Malaysia produces over 40% of the worlds natural rubber latex, and it is considered the very finest quality. This was one reason we chose it as our base.

Our dedicated Research and development lab in the UK means we can design and develop our compounds and tread patterns in the UK in collaboration with our engineering team in Malaysia. This closed loop team also have access to our testing ground in the UK.

We distribute our products worldwide and our strategy is to be in the top 3 for replacement agricultural rubber tracks by 2025.